Warning, limit of responsabities and warranty.

SimIO Board’s are not a final product, as they are designed to take part of a bigger system like a simulator. The use of SimIO boards and the required cabling must be done by a person with a minimal electronics knowledge. A bad usage of them can result on serious damage on computers or other devices.

Simio Electronics, Hispapanels or any other person that collaborates in this project are not responsable of damages to persons, cards, computers or any other devices connected to SimIO boards due to a wrong use of them. If you don't have a minimum of electronics knowledge, please don't use SimIO boards.
SimIO boards warranty covers any manufacturing defect, but no damages caused to any other devices connected to them due to a bad use of SimIO boards. Neither damages caused to SimIO boards due to defective power sources nor incorrect feeding voltages.
Simio Electronics will replace the wrong boards only for defective reasons. Return costs will be paid by the customer.
For security reasons, please check the following risks that could happen.

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The SimIO.