We start with the FAQ section, that we will upgrade with all the questions that we receive at the forum and the ones that we think as well.

What means SimIO?

Sim(Simulator) I (In) O (Out) 

What''s SimIO Board?

SimIO Board is a platform composed by Hardware, Software y Social Net, conceived to creation of professional simulators and “home made” units as well. This platform allows the integration of the several interfaces that perform a simulator.

What the SimIO Board project consists?

The hardware part is composed by the family of SimioBoard cards, allowing the integration of another systems of electronics. The Software part is composed by the SC-PASCAL suite, that allows the interface between the electronics and the simulator, applying the logics through the PASCAL programming language. And, finally, the Social Net is composed by the www.simioboard.com portal, where you can found articles, downloads and a forum.

Which use have?

SIMIO allow to create a simulator at your own home, with profesional simulator technology. And also allow to the companies have a powerful interface.

Which compatibility have with others?

At this moment is compatible with the SimCards suite and Gauge Composer 3.0 Pro. Also, is compatible or connectable to the knowest simulators, through the standard protocols as FSUIPC and IOCP

Will be your cards compatible with Sismo Soluciones cards?

Yes, they are already.

Will be the SIMIO software for free?

Yes, unless when the software is used as a commercial part.

Can I use the SIMIO suite as a commercial product?

Yes, of course, if the customer owns the PRO version. Please feel free to contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I ask for a "special" card for a project?

Sure, you must only to propose and we sit with you to help searching the best solution.

Will you design and write the hard/soft documentation for SIMIO?

Yes, the documentation will adapt their structure to the level that the poeple ask, to arrive to everybody, all the customers, allowing the people to learn from zero or simply complete the information that they knows.